Visa-Free South Korea: How To Get to YangYang Airport

Visa has been lifted for tourists coming from the Philippines (,Indonesia and Vietnam) when they go to South Korea when using Yangyang Airport as the entry. Source: Manila Bulletin

Because of this, some of my friends have been thinking and planning that we go to Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongyang and include some days to travel to Seoul. Sounds like a good plan to me!

I love Korea and would want to come back to Seoul. But I have 2 questions, that may be most also have in mind:

1. How do we exactly get to YangYang? What are the flights to YangYang Airport from Manila?

Unfortunately, there’s no flight from Manila, Philippines to Yangyang International Airport. We only have direct flights to Incheon in Seoul and Busan.

Searching the web, the only direct flights going to Yangyang County, South Korea (YNY) is coming from Russia and Japan. Philippine passport holders, however need visas to travel to these two countries.

Flights to Yangyang Airport South Korea

Since Filipinos can enter Jeju, South Korea and tour the island without the need of visa, this can be an alternative.

But still, no airline flies there directly. Another way might be booking a flight to get to Jeju Island (CJU) from neighbor countries that you do not need visa for entry – Singapore or Hongkong maybe. Then Jeju to Yangyang.

Read more about hubby’s running/ traveling to Jeju Island, South Korea.


2. Will we be able to go outside of Pyeongyang and visit other parts of South Korea like Seoul or Busan?

Since we are already there, dropping by Seoul would be a good option. After all, it’s just 150+ kilometers away and with the train, it can just be a few hours of travel.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any information. What was just said is

tourists in groups from the three countries (Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines to enter the country without a visa) will be allowed to come to the host city of Pyeongchang until April 2018 if they enter through the regional YangYang airport. 

And then I saw this in the Hot Issue section of the Gangwon Province site (which Yangyang is part of).  So I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more developments to confirm this. Hopefully before the visa-free travel for Filipinos ends in April 2018.


For now, I think it’s more easier to apply and get a visa for South Korea. Based on previous application experiences, it’s fairly easy – as long as you have the complete and correct documents. We had no problems in getting visas for our Seoul trip in 2015 and Busan trips in 2016 and 2017.   Visa to South Korea is free when you are traveling for less than 60 days.

Do you have suggestions to for a better and easier way to reach YangYang Airport? Do you know about the scope of the visa-free entry to South Korea? I would love to hear them.

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  1. Hi there, I have the exact same sentiments!! Upon learning of the free visa to Korea, I immediately search the web on how to HO about it but unfortunately there’s no additional info, no further details. My plan was to go to Taiwan but upon learning of the offer I’m planning to postpone Taiwan. But if the trip to yangyang would be such an inconvenience maybe I’ll just go to Taiwan instead. I have sa Japan visa but it would be such a waste of money with I will go to Japan first then to yangyang. Im hoping that they will come up with something more convenient for those who wants to avail of their wonderful offer. Kindly share info if ever there would be an update. Thank you and God Bless 😊

    • Hi Gen, if you have a Japanese visa I highly recommend getting a Korean visa. It’s free and the chance of you getting approved is higher; those people who have US/CANADA/JAP visa have different and faster processing time.

      • Hi Jineh 😊, thank you for replying on my comment, I also agree with Molangkorea, why did they made this announcement if it will be impossible to reach Yangyang. What I think they need to do is talk to our airline company and create a direct route from Manila to yangyang even for just 3 months during the duration of their offer so many tourists can avail of it. They really left everyone hanging 🙁

  2. Yes I have been waiting for this visa free entry in korea and upon hearing the news that its going to happen up until 2018 it made me really excited but how could it be if there is no direct flight going to Yangyang .seems that we were left hanging for that gesture.they say that its still debatable.Hope that they could come up with another option.

  3. I barely put any comment on travel blog. But this one looks like a must 😀 I also heard about this free visa entrance directly to YangYang (so called) International Airport (YNY), so I was looking here and there on the internet ‘what on earth a city that has flight go to Yangyang? but you know even a local Korean travel agency had a hard time giving information about flight from Asia that goes to YNY. Finally today I use skycanner to scan any flights that enter YNY on any day of January or February 2018, the result is 0. You said Japan? which city? I tried any city from Japan but yet NO RESULT! Kinda upset with this, why on earth they offer such a ridiculous mission impossible thing? Did they really never do a research first before put an announcement that no one would ever take? Really unlike the Koreans I know.

    • I used google to search and got the results showing Japan and Russia. The cities are the ones included in photo i the article.


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