Mommy Must-have: Tiny Buds After Bites

We love the outdoors – exploring the backyard (when we are in the farm/ province), taking a walk, reading a book, or biking at the park, or playing in the playground – and with it sometimes, we got bitten by insects, got some scratches and minor skin irritations.

Those are not enough reasons not to enjoy the great outdoors, because kids (and yes, even parents) need to be outside and be active. Studies show spending time outside helps children grow lean and strong, enhances imaginations and attention spans, and decreases aggression. It is also a way to help our children be better stewards of the environment.

It was during a Baby Signs Class I conducted with Smart Parenting that I came across with Tiny Buds After Bites. After checking the label, I decided to give it a try. This is a mommy-must have. This comes to my things to bring when we travel or even just a on overnight get-away.

Tiny Buds After Bites Review

Here’s what I love about Tiny Buds After Bites

Made of Natural Ingredients

Now, I look for natural products for the family. Especially when to be used for our son, I choose those that are natural and chemical-free. This is FDA-approved and has food-safe ingredients. This gel is free from preservatives, artificial color, paraben, petroleum and camphor.

Tiny Buds After Bites is trusted by pediatricians, even our pedia approve the use of it.

Soothe Skin Discomfort Gently

The non-mentholated gel provides relief to itch due to insect bites. It also help soothe scratches and small cuts without the sticky and greasy-feel.

It can also be used for minor skin irritations of older kids and even adults.

Affordable and Easily Available

Tiny Buds After Bites and other Tiny Buds natural products are available at major supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide at reasonable prices.

Another natural product from this line we are using is the Tiny Buds Tiny Fangs Toothgel/ Tiny Fangs Kiddie Toothpaste for teeth care.

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