#PositivelyPosh: A Holistic Pampering Experience

I was glad I said yes to the invitation to come for the #PositivelyPosh: Pamper your Mind, Body, & Spirit Workshop to celebrate Posh Nails’ anniversary.

When I arrived, I was met by no other than Kimi Lu. She is the resident life coach of Posh Nails and she is well known by the different workshops she conducts.

We were treated to an intimate afternoon of learning how to have a positive mind and a beginners meditation session while being pampered by a refresh treatment care of the Posh Nails MOA.

I get to meet and know new persons, outside of my circle of friends and support groups and it was such a good gathering.

After that solemn afternoon, we went home relaxed and revitalized. Thank you Kimi for sharing tips and tricks on how to look at life always in a positive way. Thank you Posh Nails for coming up with this one of a kind session. Indeed, it was a holistic event to refresh the mind, body and spirit!

Congratulations Posh Nails on your 15 Posh years of service!

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