Easy & Healthy Cooking with Sabrina’s Kitchen

The kitchen is not my favorite part to be in. It’s my husband who does most of the cooking. Well, I know how but I’m a lazy cook. I always prefer to prepare easy to cook dishes.

I met Sabrina during the launch of New Balance Run Club. We talked so much during the run – about eating healthy, her easy recipes and well, the rest is history! Thank you Nathan of New Balance for introducing this Beauty Queen friend!

For the past 6 years, Sabrina has been sharing her easy, affordable and doable recipes in a weekly cooking show. According to her, she is a non chef foodie but she just love to cook healthy beautiful gourmet! Watching her do her thing, whipping up good food with simple steps gives you no excuses to not prepare healthy meals at home.

If you are a into running, or a fitness enthusiast or just so busy, you can try this power breakfast as shared by Sabrina to start your day.

Supporting Sabrina for the launch of Sabrina’s Kitchen Season 7 at Hineleban Cafe. Swipe to see more photos.

During the launch, we were treated to healthy food (I love the adlai champorado!), great coffee from Hineleban Cafe and good music from Waway Saway. More about Hineleban Cafe and the Foundation on a separate post.

The media launch was supported by McCormick and New Balance.

Watch out for Sabrina’s Kitchen every Sunday, 10:00 to 10:30 am starting August 13 on GMA News TV.

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