The Nike Pro Bra Collection

If you are a female runner or athlete, the sports bra is a very important part of the workout. Each woman has different needs and having a sports bra that does not fit right can hinder a good exercise.

This July, Nike has released the Nike Pro Bra Collection which features five bras designed for each athlete’s desired level of support. The centerpiece of the collection is the Nike Pro Rival Bra, which delivers the highest level of support and is offered in 25 sizes to help the female athlete find the right fit.

The collection also features the new Nike Pro Fierce Bra, as well as the updated Nike Pro Classic and Nike Pro Indy Bras. The Nike Pro Classic Bra is also available in a padded version. The bras are complemented by the new Nike Pro 360 Fit System, which employs a Nike-created calculator to help female athletes find their precise size.

Nike Pro Rival Bra $65

Nike Pro Rival Bra Front

Nike Pro Rival Bra Back

The Nike Pro Rival Bra is available in 25 sizes, ranging from 30B to 38E. It’s designed to be versatile enough to handle any run or workout in the gym. It has a sporty look with its matte finish.

Nike Pro Fierce Bra $50

Nike Pro Fierce Bra Front

Nike Pro Fierce Bra Back

The lightweight Nike Pro Fierce Bra offers medium-to-high support through a blend of compression and part-molded construction.

Nike Pro Classic Bra $35

Nike Pro Classic Bra Front

Nike Pro Classic Bra Back

Evolving from the popular Nike Pro Bra, the Nike Pro Classic Bra features a new racerback design for increased support. The Nike Pro Classic Bra is positioned as a medium support bra and is offered in a padded version for modest coverage.

Nike Pro Indy Bra $45

Nike Pro Indy Bra Front

Nike Pro Indy Bra Back

Offering light support, the Nike Pro Indy Bra employs adjustable elastic straps to help provide the right fit. Removable pads help with shaping, modesty and support.

Click here to know how to choose the right bra.



  1. I can’t agree more about the importance of the right sports bra! In my opinion, it’s worth investing more than outerwear – not that the latter is not important. Nike of course is always a good choice!

  2. I’m not really an active person but I agree on finding a great bra! If I decide to finally start doing yoga, Nike would be on top of my list, seriously.

  3. Wow. These are great. I am pretty *gifted* in that area haha so finding a great bra with excellent support is very important. I used to go running a few years ago, when I was in college, and find myself wishing I had a sports bra. Regular bra when you’re running around just won’t do. Hahaha.

  4. Ever since I purchased a sports bra from Nike, working out has become more comfortable. The wrong type of bra can really throw you off. I could only afford one though, so I have to wash it all the time after use, haha! I don’t want to use the old ones anymore, they weren’t a good fit to begin with.

  5. I need one sports bra for my daily exercise, I need support for my “not too small” front so i could jump freely. I’ll consider the Pro classic bra as an option. Thanks for sharing:)

  6. soooo hard for me to find the motivation to actually exercise but yes, a sports bra is important! too bad one can’t buy motivation, he he. have to work on that first!

    • But sometimes, something new will motivate you to get moving 😀

  7. Before, the only sports bra I knew was the one like a sando, but just until after the chest. Now, there’s padded na pala, which I think is better for me, and better support and coverage. I just find it hard to wear them if there are no clasps or hooks, kasi masikip isuot, hehe!

    • Yes, most of them do not have openings to be snug-fitting when you do workouts.

  8. I like the Nike Pro Indy Bra and the Nike Rival Bra.. 🙂

    • I like them all!

  9. I think I need one of these … I go biking around the neighborhood once in while but I don’t own a sports bra.

    • Yes, go check out one so that you will have protection.

  10. I’ve been on a lookout of a sports bra but never find time. Nike may be expensive for me but I guess it’s a good investment and I’m sure their durability is already tested. Will check it out in the mall.

    • Sports bras are quite expensive compare to regular ones but I hope you can find one that fits your budget.

  11. I love sport bras. I may not have anything as fancy as this Nike line but they work for me. They’re also a favorite for breastfeeding since I don’t have to worry about hooks and wires. All I do is lift them up and it’s mikk time.

  12. I only have two sports bra. As of now, I barely use them since I am inactive again (huhuhu). Among the designs you have posted here, I like the Nike Pro Rival Bra the most.


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